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Many of you have been emailing me and posting on my Facebook page asking how my condition is and how things are looking for the Wrangler NFR. I am happy to report things are looking very good and I am feeling good given all I have been through. I was thinking the other day this might be the first time since I have been riding bareback horses that I have given my body three months off.


Over the last several years, I have been battling little chronic injuries here and there and with this time off to heal from the lacerated pancreas, I have also given those various injuries time to heal so all in all this might be the best I have felt in several years. The last couple years at the NFR, I would say I was only about 60-70 percent – first the pinched nerve in my neck in 2009 and then last year dealing with what I thought was a pelvis injury that was actually a sports hernia. So in all actuality, I might go in to this year’s NFR with the fewest aches and pains I have experienced in some time.


For the last month or so I have been going to physical therapy where I have been working on strength and flexibility exercises 3 days a week for 3 hours and then I have been going to the swimming pool three days a week. I have really been trying to push myself hard and I haven’t had a bit of trouble with my pancreas injury. In fact, I plan to go to John Growney’s place on Tuesday, Nov. 22 to get on a few practice horses and see how everything feels. I am anxious to get on and see where I stand but based on everything else I think I am ready. I have good balance and the flexibility is there. I still probably get fatigued sooner than normal but that is just going to take time. This past month I have really been working on my core muscles and working to strength them from the inside out and it has been coming along well.


As for everything else – Charlie was busy this fall with football and now he and Trey are wrestling. The other day Trey had a match, and keep in mind he is just 4, but he has been told that after a match you go over and shake the other coach’s hand. Well after his match he did better than that he ran over and gave him a big hug. What a character he is.


The other day we were at a barrel race and there were some puppies there that were looking for homes. Well Trey started playing with one and before I knew it the little guy was coming home with us. He is a mix of Jack Russell, Corgie and Blue Heeler so he isn’t very big at all which means we have been trying to get him house/motor home trained as we are getting ready to head south to take our horses to Arizona before heading to Las Vegas for the NFR.


I will be team roping again in 2012 as I have a couple of new horses and one that I am really excited about. I got a call the other day from Mike Beers and he said he didn’t plan on going much this winter, so I am partner hunting right now so will see what happens between now and the first one we have to enter which will be just a few weeks away now. Be sure to check back on my website: or visit my fan page on Facebook to learn who my roping partner will be. I would really like to make it to the Wrangler NFR in both bareback riding and team roping in the same year.


I will try and post updates on my Facebook fan page throughout the NFR so be sure to like my page. I will also post my appearances on my website, so be sure to check that out to see where I will be when.


I guess that about sums it up. I hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving and for all those traveling to Las Vegas for the Wrangler NFR – safe travels and I look forward to seeing you out there.


Until next time – take it easy and be blessed,


Bobby Mote

Four-time and reigning PRCA World Champion Bareback Rider