Verse of the Day
Philippians 4:6-7
“Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”

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Upcoming Events

Spring is right around the corner and I am looking forward to lots of roping. We have finished the arena at my house, so looking forward to being able to have lots of practice runs in my backyard. It will be nice to not have to load up and go somewhere.


Right now, I am taking it easy as I sustained a pinched nerve in my lower back the end of February following Tucson and right before the semifinals in San Antonio. Thank goodness for the Justin Sportsmedicine team who helped me get through my rides in San Antonio. I went to see the same doctor in Dallas that did my neck surgery, and he said the best thing would be to just give it time for the swelling to go down. I will go back on March 11 for a check-up to see if I get the green light to go back to competition. A pinched nerve is nothing to mess with and since I have been through the whole experience of how long it takes for a nerve to grow, I am not taking any chances and listening to my body on this one.


It has been nice to have some down time to get a few things done around the house that I have been putting on the back burner. While I don’t like being injured to force me to have this time, it is a good reminder that sometimes we need to take a break.


I recently returned from Helena, Mont., where we had another successful bareback and saddle bronc riding school organized by Ben Wrzesinski. Shaun Stroh was the saddle bronc riding instructor. We had 24 guys in the bareback riding session and they showed some real promise. As I was leading the clinic, I was reminded how we all start at the same place and the choices and the sacrifices we make determine where we end up. I was very excited to see the work these kids put into the clinic and their enthusiasm to learn. I am excited to see where this group goes from here and hope they stay committed. If they do, we will have some great new bareback riders coming up through the ranks in the near future. Thanks to everyone who made this school possible.


The family is enjoying our new place in Texas. The kids are enjoying the school. It is a small school but a very good one. The kids are learning a lot and their teachers are all great. A few weeks ago Laura was named student of the week for the whole school, so that was a pretty exciting deal. She got her picture in the local paper and it was quite an honor for her. Laura and Speed Williams’ daughter Hali enjoy riding horses together after school. They are also going to the local Bibles and Barrels event held once a month at the Cowboy Church close by and Martha Wright gives barrel racing lessons, so they have a good time with that. They can’t wait for the time to change, so they have more time in the evenings to ride. They are also planning to take some gymnastics classes, so will see where that leads.


Charlie played basketball this year and had a good time. They don’t participate in track until the 7th grade, so next year he will have that opportunity. He too is looking forward to it staying light longer in the evenings as he enjoys roping.


As for Trey, he is just blowing and going and having a great time. He has really benefitted from his older brother and sister when it comes to his school work. He has always wanted to do what they were doing, so right now his school work comes easy to him as he has learned from them.


So for the next month or so, I plan to go to lots of roping events here in Texas and hit some of the rodeos here in Texas. The traveling will get underway in the summer time. That is one thing I really like about Texas and a main reason we moved down here is that there are so many events right around here and one doesn’t get so worn out on the travel.


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Until next time – take it easy and be blessed,


Bobby Mote

Four-time PRCA World Champion Bareback Rider